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Steve’s Battery Clinic, now widely recognized as Battery Clinic, was founded in 2006 by visionary entrepreneur Steve Huysamen. After exploring various business opportunities, Steve quickly identified a significant demand for a battery business in South Africa, pinpointing an untapped niche amidst booming car sales and a thriving automotive industry.

Starting from humble beginnings, Steve bought into a nascent battery re-conditioning business and initially operated his first outlet from his home to minimize expenses. However, the burgeoning demand soon necessitated a move to larger premises.

By 2007, Battery Clinic had established its first commercial premises, and within months, the demand for reconditioned batteries surged. This demand pushed Steve to source globally for a charging technology capable of meeting this challenge. Collaborating with an electronic engineer, they developed a groundbreaking battery charger. This innovation enabled the reconditioning of more batteries in less time, setting new industry standards.

Over four years, Battery Clinic perfected its systems, producing batteries that matched new ones in power at a fraction of the cost. Recognizing the economic value, especially in today’s financial climate, the company expanded its offerings to include new batteries, giving customers a comprehensive choice.

The inclusion of Steve’s son into the business in 2024 marks a significant milestone, reinforcing Battery Clinic’s commitment to family and legacy. This addition not only strengthens our roots but also underscores our belief in fostering opportunities that secure the future for families, particularly for our franchise partners.

In the past five years, Battery Clinic’s success in selling both reconditioned and new batteries signaled a new chapter. With the assistance of Franchising Plus, a leading franchise consultancy, Steve Huysamen developed a successful franchise model, aiming to share his success with aspiring entrepreneurs across South Africa.

Today, Battery Clinic boasts 10 thriving franchise outlets, with a vision to become the largest and most reputable battery retail chain in the South African market. Becoming a partner with Battery Clinic means more than just running a business; it’s about securing a future for your family and joining a legacy that powers life’s journeys.

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